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The birth of the Mojito

Traditionally made using white rum, sugar or sugar cane juice, lime, carbonated water and mint muddled together, many believe the Mojito is quite possibly world’s first cocktail.


4 Mind-blowing Decanters

Simply put, decanting means transferring the contents of a wine bottle into another receptacle (the decanter) before serving.


Tertius, Turkey and the future of SA wine

Tertius Boshoff, SA’s globetrotting winemaker from Stellenrust was in Singapore last week and tweeted an ad from HSBC bank that Turkey has three times as many acres of grapes as SA. Some creative m


Who pulled the plug on Wines2Whales?

Overberg and Somerset West wine producers have to pick up the pieces from a PR fiasco today after the last day of the three day Wines2Whales mountain bike race from Lourensford to Onrus was cancelled

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