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What is Wakame Sake?

Wakame Sake, translated as seaweed sake, is a delicacy where a naked, supine model clamps her thighs together to form a triangular cup. Sake is poured down her body and into the indentation. As it fills, the woman’s pubic hair begins to gently undulate in the warm sake, similar to seaweed swaying in the ocean. Then a drunk businessman leans down and slurps it out of her crotch.


Two Oceans Travels Coast to Coast with 2012 World Explorer

Two Oceans Wines, which is sold in more than 80 countries, has teamed up with a Cape Town traveller, who is visiting 75 cities in 25 countries in the course of this year


Millennium Magic

A serious lunch at the Pierneef à la Motte restaurant last month with my friend Pinky was seriously enhanced by a bottle of the just released Millennium 2010 Bordeaux-style (sic, see PS) blend.  So


Chablis for crusty old art farts

The image of Chablis at the top of the food chain is reinforced in this week’s New Statesman by the London avant garde artistic collaboration Gilbert & George.  Asked “you've said if forced t


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