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Is MasterChefSA Ageist?

Chalk and cheese, last week’s MCSA and this.  The only agenda the two programs had in common was bulleting the oldest contestant, but at least there was no gratuitous cruelty tonight.  But why is


Arnold’s Analogy

While we wait for Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine: How Creativity Works (Canongate Books 2012) to be discounted by Abebooks.com, the bibliophile’s version of Johan Wegner’s GetWine vinous remainderer, so

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Hanging Chads Derail UCT Top 20 Winery Poll?

The smell of rotting snoek is making the UCT Top 20 Wineries poll more fragrant than the pier at Kalk Bay.  White, lower middle-class, upper middle-aged voters are scurrying to post their own private


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