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Pinotage Oxtail with Almond Mashed Potatoes

Pinotage is a great accompaniment to any meal.


Barbara Mouton – Holden Manz

Now here’s a smokin hot brunette that shouldn’t go unnoticed! Barbara is the wine sales manager at Holden Manz in Franschhoek. Always willing to please and assist, this Paarl beauty needs nothing more than good company and a fine bottle of wine. A romantic at heart, Barbara sure knows how to turn on the charm and few men can resist her bright eyes and seductive smile.


What’s your favourite wine at Holden Manz and what dish will you pair it with?
With no doubt the Holden Manz Big G 2009 which is a Bordeaux Blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Cabernet Franc and also our flagship. This is a beautiful blend of two of my favourite varietals which is named after one of our owners, Gerard Holden.I will pair it with a leg of lamb which has been marinated in loads of red wine, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper for at least a day and then slow roasted in the oven.

Share a secret of the restaurant at Holden Manz that we probably don’t know?
Our new Executive Chef, Cheyne Morrisby is by far the best chef in Franschhoek and his food is so exciting, flavourful and so beautifully presented.

Have you ever thrown up in a car?
Haha, lets skip this question.

You can only put one thing on your sandwich. What will it be?
Only one, I was thinking more like four, but if I have to choose – Basil Pesto.

If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?
I would like the fact to be so relaxed and not have to worry, and then I will drive around with my Hilux bakkie on my farm in the Karoo. There, I have said it…

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A tennis coach, but I think it was more because I wanted to be Anna Kournikova – didn`t happen, luckily I found my passion.

You have the opportunity to sleep with the movie-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?
Garrett Hedlund from the movie Country Strong.

What is one unique thing are you afraid of?
Being the only person alive on planet earth.

When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought?
Sjoe…I need a cup of coffee, Terbodore preferably.

You can wipe-out any musician/band from the planet? Who would it be?

Your favourite band of all time?
Love, love,love Bob Marley!

What 1 thing would you take with you on a deserted island?
I watch survivor every Monday, but I might as well take a big Mojito cocktail and make the best of the moment.

Would you rather be good looking or rich?
Definitely rich because then money can help with a couple of operations to help with the looks.


The Tom and Jerry Winter Warmer

This heart-warming cocktail will leave you longing for a fireplace and a frost-covered window. 


Simon van der Scam

The leaky SA wine spittoon has been rocked by the news that a new portrait of the first governor of the Cape, Simon van der Stel, had been found “in a dusty warehouse in Amsterdam.”  A press rele


Time to invest in the future, not fat cats

Relying on e- rather than voicemail has one disadvantage when traveling overseas: huge backlogs of messages, many deleted by your service provider – in my case MTN – as they exceeded their lifespa


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