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Marriage drives women to drink

A new study has found that men are likely to drink less when they marry, but married women tend to increase their alcohol intake.


Wine cocktails offer a sophisticated twist

Remember wine coolers? Turns out they’re not actually all that cool these days.


The Celebrity Guide To Wine – Starring Steven Seagal, Whoopi Goldberg, Dudley Moore

We could hardly believe our eyes when we started watching 1990’s “The Celebrity Guide to Wine.” 


Drink two glasses of wine a day to bring down your cholesterol level

Two glasses (20 cl) of wine a day will considerably bring down cholesterol levels. 

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Would You Drink Beer From A Square Bottle?

With boxed wines becoming more common on store shelves these days (and wine on tap at bars, even), clearly the notions of how our favorite beverages come packaged are changing.


Where Great Wines Meet Their Match

Although the tasting room at Creation is always abuzz over lunchtime, the first weeks of August have been eventful – especially over the long weekend which saw Women’s Day,


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