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Hot, spicy and wonderfully moreish – these easy Thai fishcakes can be made with any inexpensive white fish.


The Drinks Business magazine’s, Lucy Shaw recently compiled a list of top South Africa’s young winemakers to watch. You can view the list below with some additional comments by us:

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Former international wicketkeeper Mark Boucher and SA Breweries (SAB) joined forces on Tuesday to help save South Africa’s threatened rhino population.


Seafood does not always have to be paired with white wine. Actually, some fish and shellfish dishes go quite well with varietals such as Pinot Noir and Merlot. 

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Erika Obermeyer, Stellenbosch Cellar Master at Graham Beck Wines regards the Pheasants’ Run as her “Marilyn Monroe”; a timeless, classic work, and it seems that the Platter’s team agrees.


Rugby, sports tourism and history are the unusual confluence of factors in a R40-million Irish-South African collaboration resulting in a new landmark wine estate project to trade under the name Doran Vineyards on the farm Far Horizons in the Voor-Paardeberg area of the Western Cape.

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With 2012 fast racing towards the Festive Season, the time has come for companies to plan their year-end functions. In search of something truly special and unique? How about Creation’ famous Wine and Food Pairing?


Roads play an important role in the cultural life of SA, as I noted in the Sunday Times Food Weekly yesterday. The Great Trek was the defining trip for one community while Nelson Mandela’s long walk


Our intrepid Lima-based correspondent, Andy Rompel, reports on what to smoke with your Cuba Libre. If you are a US American citizen, and you are not allowed the privilege of enjoying a Cuban Habana


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