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How to make the perfect braai burger

No one likes a dry, tasteless beef patty. With these simple tips you can become one of the few, the proud, the one who can actually grill a hamburger.


How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

If you like your eggs scrambled, then your in for the treat.


Can Red Wine Really Boost Your Fitness?

Two studies have come out that seem almost too good to be true: Researchers have found that a compound in red wine may mimic exercise in the body and boost workout performance. Like, whoa. Who wouldn’t want to forgo the gym for a glass of wine with girlfriends? Or toast a glass to a better performance? But before you go donating your sneakers to charity and buying red wine in bulk, this research may be, in fact, too good to be true, according to a newest post on Vegan Liftz.


Blending nature`s magic with food and wine

A VISIT to the bushveld always conjures – apart from the adventure of night game drives – juicy braais at the boma against the backdrop of the sunset haze of orange colours glowing on the horizon.


Share your best online moments and win a case of wine!

We’ve all been there or know of someone who had an embarrassing, funny or heart-warm online experience.


What is this `wine structure` everyone is talking about?

Wine writers often use the term “structure” to describe a wine what does it actually mean when it comes to the flavour of a wine? Let’s break down the mystery…


Wine exports – Image and jobs at risk

SA’s wine industry put the brakes on sliding exports in 2012, lifting volume 18% in the 12 months to November.


Iron Banana Love for Lettie

Powered by ABSA bank, it makes sense that the Pinotage Association at least should take the Wall Street Journal seriously. And the news that it’s Pinotage-doubting columnist Lettie Teague has seriou


Boston Breweries Tasting Room

Address The Cape Quarter, Somerset Rd, Cape Town Email: brenda@jolie360.c0.za Wednesday and Sunday 10am till 7pm Thursday, Friday &  Saturday 12pm till 7pm The Bar ...The post Boston Breweries T