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De Wetshof releases Louis Michel Thibault 2009

Wine lovers with a passion for Bordeaux style red blends will be happy to know that De Wethof has released its very first red blend.


How to cleanse your palate between tasting wines

For anyone looking for visible ways to elevate their status, regardless of whether or not they have the education, breeding or money with which to do so, nothing will raise an average person from the status of “hoi palloi” like the world of gourmet food, and along with that, wine.


Archaeologists discover 1,500-year-old Byzantine wine press

The Israel Antiquities Authority made the discovery during an excavation at the site, near Kiyrat Gat in southern Israel. Archaeologists believe the owner of the winepress was a Christian because of the rare find of a complete ceramic model of a church.


How to select a collection of stellar wines without seeing a thing

So you’re standing in front of approximately 300 wines and need to assist a highly qualified and experienced judging panel in selecting the absolute best of the lot, to be showcased at a fine wine auction later in the year.


Save The Date! – Delta Draf and Trap

The fourth annual Delta Draf will be held on Saturday 13 April 2013.


Of Hippy Vygies and Hairy Sandals

Budgets must be under severe pressure when the Nederburg Auction shares judges with the controversial Top 100 SA Wine Competition to select wines for the annual auction, as happened last month. Far be