That lonely bottle of chardonnay pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten. (more…)

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How to make good use of bad wine

That lonely bottle of chardonnay pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten.


The 2013 Winter Sculpture Fair Offerings

Visitors to this year’s Fair can expect the best that the picture perfect Franschhoek Wine Valley, situated in the heart of the Western Cape Winelands, has to offer.


Why Drink White Wine Chilled?

I read an interesting article the other day that posed what seemed a simple question, that proved anything but. Why do we drink white wine chilled?


Is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s Wine Worth the Hype?

The vinous baby of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has finally arrived stateside!


Wanna Try Some Elephant Dung Beer?

The only thing better than a $50 cup of elephant dung coffee is an even pricier glass of elephant dung beer. Because alcohol improves everything, right?


Winners Announced of DB Green Awards 2013

Wines of South Africa (WOSA) CEO Su Birch has been lauded by the international drinks fraternity for her role in promoting sustainability in the South African wine industry, winning the 2013 The Drinks Business Green Awards Lifetime Achievement Award.


Ultra Liquors Budget Wine Hall of Fame

Looking for some serious budget wine bargains? Then look no further than South Africa’s cheapest wine and liquor distributor, Ultra Liquors.


The Weird and Wild Wine-Drinking Games of History

One of Italy’s most popular and enduring historic drinking games is simple enough: Participants essentially drank as much wine as possible, stopping at intervals to insult each other.

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Simonsig releases legendary Mr Borio’s 2011 Shiraz

The legacy of Alessandro Borio lives on at Simonsig Estate with the release of the new Mr Borio’s Shiraz 2011 vintage.


Su, all out at 63

Pretty unsporting of Drinks Business to disclose the age of Su Birch GBH, outgoing CEO of WOSA. When they hailed Su as 48th most powerful woman in wine last year, a veil was drawn over her age and DB


Another week, another Iron Lady departs

Last week the UK said goodbye to its Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher and this week the Teflon Tannie of SA wine, Su Birch, announced she’s hopping off her WOSA twig. A departure that was perhaps the wor