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Michael Jackson drank 6 bottles of wine a day before his death

Michael Jackson drank up to six bottles of wine a day and was “paralytic” at the press conference, which announced his comeback tour.


Happy Guy Metal Art Wine Holder Rack

This wine holder is designed and handmade by us at Knob Creek Metal Arts.

This wine holder, affectionately nicknamed “Happy Guy™” waves at you while holding your wine bottle at the correct angle to ensure your cork stays wet. Works with both small and large bottles.

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9 Eco-friendly wines from Graham Beck

Graham Beck is one of the earliest pioneers in the initiative to conserve the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom and is the only wine brand in the world associated with a private nature reserve,


TweetCritique visits Tables at Nitida

There can hardly be better place to spend a Cape Town late summer lunch than at the beautifully located Tables at Nitida Restaurant.


Packaging Spotlight: Bacon-Branded Vino

Vi Novell wine packaging boldly displays a skin of finely sliced and layered meat that encourages you to ask the question, “why?”


Natasha Williams: From Pool to Pinot Grigio at Two Oceans

She’s a mean pool player, she loves shopping for bags and shoes but if truth be told, she’s really happiest in the country, says Stellenbosch born-and-bred Natasha Williams (29), the new Two Oceans winemaker.


Unique Ways To Grill Steak on May Day

It’s Worker’s Day tomorrow and perhaps one of the last chances to have a really killer grill out.


Pinotage: South Africa’s Pride and Joy

So, two nights ago Wine Times headed to the biggest South African tasting the city has held for a long time “Taste The World: South Africa” and we thought it would be nice to investigate the range of Pinotage wines there were available.


Neethlingshof Sings to the Flowers

Late January saw in a newcomer to the collection called Six Flowers with the first vintage being from 2012.


Menu reliable more than spicy at Spice Route

SPICE Route is a wine brand that is associated with the west coast, but its new home is alongside the famous Fairview winery, on a hill with fantastic views of the valley and mountains.


Oldenburg releases first Bordeaux-style red blend

Rhodium sounds like a precious metal and it is, it’s found alongside platinum and 90% of it is in South Africa. It’s also the name of Oldenburg’s newest release.


Argentina 2 SA 0

First an Argentinian Pope with Italian roots called Francis. And at 10am today, an Argentinian Queen of the Netherlands (below). Her name is most appropriate: Maxima, which will be the effect on Argen