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Open the Slaughterhouses

IN 1999, as a writer for The American Prospect, I went into a slaughterhouse undercover, with the help of some rebellious employees. The floor was slick with the residue of blood and suet, and the air smelled like iron. A part of my brain spent the whole time trying to remember which of Dante’s circles this scene most resembled.


5 Coolest Farm Robots

Every day brings news of some new ag robot, designed to increase efficiency and lighten the farmer’s load. Just in the past few months, we’ve done stories on the Lettuce Bot (aka Roomba for weeds), drones that herd cattle and spray pesticides, and a self-driving tractor. Some worry — as with many professions — that farm machines will replace humans altogether. Others are happy to embrace automation, especially when it helps boost income and reduce stress. But whether you love robots, fear them, or just can’t look away, they are upending agriculture as we know it. Here are five compelling farm bots, in varying stages of completion.


iLembe Co-operative Winery in KwaZulu-Natal launches its first wine

The iLembe Co-operative Winery marked its official opening last week with the launch of its first wine, made from cultivars suited to the humid coastal conditions of KwaZulu-Natal, in a project driven by locals and backed by the government.


Orange River Cellars Strikes Gold at SA National Young Wine Show

Continuing its recent superb run of form at wine competitions, Orange River Cellars garnered two Class Winners and three Gold Medals at the recent SA National Young Wine Show.


3 Rules for Great Wine and Food Pairings

Synergy is the ultimate objective when it comes to pairing wine with food. The idea is to create a totally new and superior gastronomic effect.


The Hunter and the Fisherman- a series of food collaborations

From either side of the Durbanville Wine Valley, two old friends Chef Ian Bergh from De Grendel and Chef Nic van Wyk of Diemersdal farm eatery connect in the kitchen for a new monthly ‘cook together’.


Maties hold on to the title of Vino Varsity Champions

Low-lying clouds and gripping cold surrounded Backsberg last Friday as Vino Varsity 2013 was about to kick off.


Cooking with venison – tips from Chef Chris Erasmus

At La Motte’s Vintage Wine and Venison evening, Chef Chris showed that Venison is so much more than only biltong.


Hartenberg goes underground with Bottelary Hills Winemakers Lunch

Escape the daily humdrum of life in the fast lane for an enchanting food and wine experience in a time-honoured cellar under the ground and make your way to the Bottelary Hills Wine Route