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Ron Burgundy Scotch to launch

Fans of the Anchorman franchise can finally settle down with a leather bound book and glass of Ron Burgundy’s favourite tipple as a Scotch is being released alongside the new film.


Packaging Spotlight: House of Cards Wines

When thinking of a name for their brand, winemakers Liz and Travis Wray decided that winemaking really was a bit of a gamble.

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Confessions of a Checklist Drinker

Charles Antin spent the better part of his 20s in the fine and rare wine department at Christie’s. But after nearly a decade mainlining some of the greatest wines of the 20th century, he’d realized just how much he’d been missing…


Iron Maiden legend Bruce Dickinson calls in at Cardiff bar… and starts pulling pints

The rock singer, who is also a pilot, stunned drinkers before Wales v Australia by getting behind the bar

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What Your Cocktail Says About You

Like it or not, the drink you order when you go to a bar tells a lot about you.


A taste of history at Plaisir de Merle

The 1st of December is a historic day for the farm Plaisir de Merle, set on the scenic Simonsberg Mountains between Paarl and Franschhoek.


Festive gifts for wine lovers

With the Festive Season upon us, why not treat your friends and family (or yourself!) to a gift from the wide range available at Creation this summer?


Chakalaka Lamb Shank


Malabar Braised Springbok Potjie


Lanzerac and the Lady

With typical American efficiency, a new wine tourism book Exploring the Cape Winelands of South Africa: scenic day routes to the 101 best wineries by Dr. Doris Jansen and Dr. Kay Muir-Leresche d


How to spot a troll

Wine Ruffian tells me to take off my troll hat and let's have "less bickering about the wine and their (sic) ratings, sighted/blind etc bla bla…enjoy it for what it is." Bloody cheek! For any other