There are few things that are more Dickensian than a bowl of punch. (more…)

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Set Your Holiday Punch on Fire, Charles Dickens Style

There are few things that are more Dickensian than a bowl of punch.


UK chef creates world`s most expensive ready meal – a fish pie costing £314

While the UK faced a food poverty “public health emergency”, a ready meal company in west London has brought out what it says is the world’s most expensive TV dinner.


Smart People Prefer Wine

study that compared 1,800 Danish men’s IQ scores to their drinking habits from the 1950s through 1990s found a strong correlation between high IQ in young adulthood and preference for wine over beer later in life, regardless of socioeconomic status. (Very few respondents—less than 1 percent—preferred spirits; this preference was unrelated to IQ.)


Wines for your Year End Function

The year is drawing to a close and office parties are being organised to send off staff on a jolly note. But what is a good send off without some celebratory vino?

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Wine Startups Harness The Cloud To Bring Cabernet To The Clueless

Millennials are confused by wine, apparently. The thousands-of-years-old practice of fermenting grapes and putting it into bottles needs to be completely re-imagined for the ever-connected and social-media-obsessed ‘Amazon Prime generation.’ This demographic, loosely characterized as aged 22 – 32, don’t know their Claret from their Beaujolais – but that’s okay, because now there’s an app, an algorithm and a subscription box for that.


Toast in style this festive season

From good value cava to high-end bubbly, Ultra Liquors guides you through the best buys.


Narina Dodo

Well some say that Johannesburg is the largest artificial forest in the world and so you might expect to find a large green forest bird within its concrete canopy. And for several years Narina Trogon,


No Black Swans in Platter

Dinner time conversation at La Residence was unusually erudite on Saturday at the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year award as my Distell dandy and I were sitting next to Elzilda Becker and her beau. El