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< Thursday 16 January 2014 >

Cheddar French Toast With Dried Fruit Syrup

Another recipe that has been tweaked! Cooking time really depends on the number of slices of bread that can be cooked at one time!


Gordon Ramsay stopped by Qatar customs over Champagne

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been stopped by customs officials at Doha airport after attempting to bring a bottle of Dom Pérignon into the Muslim state of Qatar.

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Jim Beam Sold To Japanese Spirits Company For $13.6 Billion

Huge news in the spirits world today.


Your Top 10 Cape Town Trendspotting List

We know you love Cape Town but there’s no reason to always do the same touristy things when visiting.


How To Pair Wine And Vegetables

A lot of people consider giving up booze for the month of January.


US bartenders could be made to wear gloves

Bartenders working in California could be obligated to wear gloves or use other utensils garnish their drinks under a new food safety law.

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Moscato Madness and the Orange River

We wine-folk do a lot of sipping and swirling and tasting, and then we also do a lot of glugging.


Start the year on top of the world at Waterkloof Estate’s restaurant in the sky

The sense of occasion started as soon as we entered the estate, driving through rolling vineyards towards the Hottentots-Holland Mountains, with the restaurant perched high up on a ridge on our left, like a fort.

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Freud for Franschhoek?

2014 started with a crash when thieves at Golders Green crematorium in North London dropped the ancient Greek urn containing the ashes of Sigmund Freud and smashed it. The urn (below), a gift from Pri