These tasty butternut squash croquettes are packed full of sweet cinnamon and are perfect alongside grilled chicken. (more…)

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Butternut squash croquettes recipe

These tasty butternut squash croquettes are packed full of sweet cinnamon and are perfect alongside grilled chicken.


How Astronauts Had Wine Banned From Their Space Menus In The 1970s

In the early 1970s, NASA began focusing on long-term space missions, hoping to go further than moon-focused missions.


Charles Back – The Real Revolution

Known as a visionary and one of the most influential individuals in the South African wine industry, Charles Back is leading the way in the development of a largely undiscovered viticultural resource, the old vine Grenache from the Piekenierskloof region.


Pinot in Paradise

Creation Wines recently joined in the first Pinot Noir Celebration to be held in the Hemel-en-Aarde by showcasing five of their premier Pinots in the delectable company of five enticing canapés.


Beer tasting with a robotic twist

Spanish researchers have created an electronic “tongue” capable of distinguishing between beer varieties and their alcohol content.


What Does Wine Sound Like?

Tasting wine is one thing, but what about listening to it? Inspired by Champagne Krug’s odd new marketing device, The Krug Shell, Charles Antin gets to the bottom of how sound impacts our enjoyment of wine.


Graham Beck Harvest News II

Harvest Officially kicks off


Bols with Balls

Are cocktails the way to sell brandy, I wonder? Certainly the Brandy Foundation has been giving the concept a good tonk with their urban brandy route which has cocktails popping up in some of the hipp


Rémy Martin Louis XIII tasting

Its not often you get to taste one of the true legends of Cognac. Heck its humbling even to just be in the presence of a spirit that was starting its life in oak towards the end of the first world war


Brandy Festival 2014

The countdown to showcase South Africa’s leading brandy producers at two prestigious events in Cape Town and Johannesburg has begun. Fine Brandy Fusion merges the smooth and exciting with the thrill


Best Value Chardonnays

Obikwa is the most social media savvy wine brand in SA. No sooner did the Best Value Shiraz post hit the interwebs than Obikwa tweeted Obikwa Wines ‏@ObikwaWines  @neilpendock Thanks for taking t


Lovin’ Lazanou

LazanouBeing familiar with my penchant for particular white varietals, I was thoroughly thrilled to see my three favourite on the menu for tasting on this particular eve.WHITE:Lazanou Esta


Remy Sula’s 100% Indian Grape Spirit Brandy Ready for Release; Awaits Remy Cointreau’s Green Signal

INDIA'S first brandy made 100 per cent with grape spirit is ready for release. It is the baby of Remy Sula, a joint venture between the Paris-based ninth largest spirits company in the world, Remy Co