We’ve seen some pretty strange beer flavors—from spicy Sriracha to peanut butter and jelly ale, even a cornucopia of candy flavored brews. (more…)

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Would you try a beer made with whale testicles?

We’ve seen some pretty strange beer flavors—from spicy Sriracha to peanut butter and jelly ale, even a cornucopia of candy flavored brews.


Your Drunk Aunt Was Right: The Hot Toddy Is The Cure To The Common Cold

According to the CDC, we’re currently in the middle of one of the worst cold and flu seasons in recent memory.


The women who say white wine turns them into monsters…

Frankie Colston had been dating her boyfriend for almost a year when they were invited to a dinner party that would give her a welcome opportunity to meet some of his good friends.


The ad Doritos doesn’t want you to see

This looks like a short video for a cheesy love story – but watch to the end to see what Doritos are really made from and how their parent company PepsiCo is destroying the rainforests.


2 out of 3 consumers base wine purchases on labels

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.


Alex’s Weekender: Johannesburg

So Jo’burg has woken from its slumber and everybody has returned looking a nicely toasted marshmallow (good luck for when that starts to peal and you all look like snakes shedding their skin).


Debra’s Weekender: Durban

January is always a tough month, what with Year End/New Year excesses but that does not mean we need to hermit away from society eating peanut butter by the spoonful and watching Friends reruns!


Paula’s Weekender: Cape Town

I’ve had writer’s block (actually I’m not a writer – so blogger’s block?) for the past few weeks and for that I apologize. Although, I guess, this weekend might be the f

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Daring Adventure to Darling

Amongst these excursions I choose to take into The Land of the Wine from time to time, I found myself once upon a time in Darling, visiting the dear home of Groote Post for a lovely tasting follo


Three chenins

Perhaps I’m becoming indecisive in my old age or (and this is an unlikely but intriguing idea) more open-minded about wine (as opposed to about whether people should dye their hair pink, or put safe


De Grendel Koetshuis Sauvignon Blanc 2010

The trick to world-beating Sauvignon Blanc according to some is to maximise both your pyrazine- and thiol-derived flavours and then ensure some kind of balance between the two. Koetshuis from De Grend


Zonnebloem Limited Edition Semillon 2013 – 15.01.2015

For me, one of the most exciting things about Zonnebloem is its long history as a wine name. And from the time when Marie Furter at the age of 21 walked away with many of the prizes at the Cape Wine S


Asara Vineyard Collection Petit Verdot 2011 – 15.01.2015

I am always fascinated by the soils differences in our vineyards. In my father’s vineyard, there were many different types and it was interesting how different the grapes were which grew on these so


Spotlight on Rieussec

Owned by Domaines Barons de Rothschild (of Lafite), Rieussec is a Premier Cru Classé Sauternes that is located in the commune of Fargues. Despite its pedigree and exceptional quality, Rieussec is st


The Vineyard Hotel Presents ‘Tastes of 2015’ – Eat, Sip & Savour

(Cape Town, 15 January 2015) The Vineyard Hotel is pleased to announce the next season of wine and culinary delights – ‘Tastes of 2015’ – which will allow Cape Town diners to experience the el


Mediterranean Aubergine Salad – Carey Boucher Erasmus

If you live in Cape Town, Carey Boucher Erasmus is having a Pop-Up dinner at the picturesque Yoco Eatery in the old Rust-en-Vrede homestead in the heart of Durbanville on Sat 7 Feb 2015. How very fitt


Paprika & coriander spiced chicken kebabs with carrot & nut bulgur wheat salad – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibby is so good at building flavours in her dishes and accompaniments are always in perfect balance.  The Zonnebloem Limited Edition Semillon 2013 has the ideal weight as an accompaniment to