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Women and wine go together like melted chocolate and strawberries. It’s one of the most sacred, functional relationships known to man.


If you’ve ever choked up at a restaurant when the sommelier asks if you’ve had a chance to look over the wine list, or developed an immediate vendetta against anyone who claims to be a “wine expert”, then fear and hate no more.

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The holy grail of wine is getting a bargain bottle to taste like an expensive one. But can that really be done with a blender.


On Tuesday, 24 March, wine lovers can make their way to Hellenlic club, 6 High Grove, Umgeni Park in Durban North for an outstanding GETWINE sale.

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In the spirit of Cape Town’s trendy casual dining scene, Liberty’s Restaurant is introducing a daily slider and craft beer special menu.


The first grape that comes to mind for many people when they think about South Africa is Pinotage. Then they ask, “What is Pinotage?”


Uitstekende nuus vir diegene met ‘n passie en waardering vir die fyner dinge in die lewe: jy kan nou ‘n wêreld van uitsonderlike wyne en spiritualieë deur www.vinoteque.co


NEW VINTAGES FROM PETER FINLAYSON It’s always a pleasure to contemplate new releases from Bouchard-Finlayson, whether white or red. In the past Peter has sometimes been a little dismissive abo


The next target for the pink liberal segment of the wine commentator community appears to be those pesky South African farmers who are using mechanical grape harvesters instead of manual labour. And a