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Working Long Hours Makes Us Drink More

After a busy day at work, perhaps you head down to the pub to have a pint with your flatmates.


Mrs Robinson stirs the spittoon

Weekend FT wine columnist Mrs. Robinson has the Cape surfing fraternity in an uproar with her choice of "new(ish) wave cape wine producers." Newish indeed as Shannon has been bottling wine for well ov


Boland Cellar Flutterby Merlot — 10.04.2015

The Butterfly effect is a metaphor which goes that a small act, even the flutter of butterfly’s wings can create big changes. Boland Cellar, by choosing a low carbon foot print bottle, hopes th


Quick Low-Carb Gammon Steak with Tender-Stem Broccoli, Garlic & Cream — Jane-Anne Hobbs

Jane-Anne talks about her recipe – I’m excited to share this recipe with you because it’s so quick and surprisingly delicious. It takes about eight minutes to cook from start to fini


Interview: André van Rensburg of Vergelegen

From the April issue of Business Day WANTED: André van Rensburg is renowned for being outspoken but is perhaps also one of South Africa’s most passionate and committed winemakers. He has wor