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< Thursday 19 November 2015 >

Scrambled Egg and Cucumber Sandwich paired with MCC

The Scrambled Egg Sandwich with Cucumber from archanaskitchen.com is a protein packed sandwich with scrambled eggs, cucumber and cream cheese. It’s the perfect lunch box or picnic treat.


29 really good reasons for mums to have glass of wine

Motherhood can be tough. You are tired, constantly on the go and have very little time to unwind. So it is easy to see why so many mums seek occasional solace in a glass of wine (or two).


Danish Festival will collect urine to make beer

For its “Piss to Pilsner” initiative, the Roskilde music festival plans to recycle concert-goers’ urine and use it to fertilize malting barley.


What a can of Coca-Cola REALLY does to your body

A Coke infographic, which was published by The Renegade Pharmacist, outlines several dangers associated with drinking soda. Although it is unclear whether the data is valid, the infographic is gaining a lot of attention.


Jennifer Lawrence regrets getting drunk for sex scene

Jennifer Lawrence plied herself with alcohol before engaging in her first ever sex scene with Passengers co-star Chris Pratt in a bid to settle her nerves.


Drinking red wine at room temperature? You’re doing it all wrong

A study by an Australian wine producer found that eight out of 10 Australians are drinking red wine at room temperature – which is often too high to get the best out of the wine.


Finalist for National Craft Brewers Championship announced

The beers have been sniffed, sipped and judged and the finalists in the third annual National Craft Brewers Championships have been decided upon.