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Boris, Burgundy and the take away lasagna

What is the attraction of take away lasagna, I wonder? When Dear Angela, one of the most ancient visualizers on Platter, the sighted wine label guide, underrated the wines of Eagles Nest in Constantia


Will Barclays kill off Pinotage?

The Financial Times reports that Barclays, the UK bank, is to sell its African investments. The ax is expected to fall on Tuesday. The FT reports " Africa is one of Barclays’ few genuine growth area


South Africa increases wine shipments to the US

South Africa's economy is in a gloomy place, on the brink of recession with rising unemployment, but the wine industry there is a very different story. It is now the seventh largest world produ


Tax on soft drinks could benefit obese SA

The tax on sugar-sweetened beverages is not a silver bullet but it could cut the health bill and add to government coffers. With government finances under massive strain, an additional R7-billi


Brave Wine

Hats off to Richard Astor, the retiring investor and jazz nut behind Solms-Astor wine, the most honest brand in deeply dodgy Franschhoek. Richard pops up in the Observer this morning, his late dad Dav


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