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< Thursday 3 March 2016 >

Check out this wine rack that uses an optical illusion to partially hide stored bottles

The Pinetti is a beautifully finished red oak wine rack by Harlequin Illusions that has been cleverly designed, using an optical illusion to hide the remaining wine left in the bottles that are being stored inside.


How to make the finest scrambled eggs you have ever tasted

The perfect scramble is a thing of beauty: soft and hot, golden-hued, composed of extraordinarily creamy curds so rich and well-seasoned they verge on cheesy.


Drunk monkey armed with a knife goes on rampage inside bar

A monkey armed with a knife that walked into a bar in Patos, Brazil, went on a rampage after sampling leftover rum from tables inside the bar.


How 15 Scotch Whiskies Got Their Names

Ever wonder how some of Scotland’s most famous distilleries got their names? Pour yourself a dram and learn about the origins of your favorite whisky. 


New look Grenache and new releases from Waverley Hills

Waverley Hills Organic Wines will be releasing 4 new vintages from the beginning of March 2016 as the previous vintages are phased out.


5 reasons why lowering the drinking age could make Americans better people

The stereotype of the ignorant American is famous; unaware of anything going on in the world, highly selfish and unable to relate to other ways of thinking, all covered with a wide fake Hollywood s…



Origin is rapidly expanding its global footprint. With new operations in France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile and America, it aims to increase its international business to equal current exports fro


Opportunity beckons in Africa and Asia

The South African wine industry faces many challenges but a recent survey indicates it’s not all doom and gloom. PwC‘s recently published South African Wine Industry: Insights Survey


What’s your tipple?

The latest market research shows South Africans’ alcohol consumption has gone down. Elias Holtzkampf looks at what’s driving the trend in collaboration with SAWIS. The South African