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These Booze Tubes Help Conceal Alcohol in the Form of a Tampon

The ingenious thinking behind Booze Tubes allows any female to conceal alcohol secretly in a tampon-inspired holder.


The World`s Only Dedicated Psytrance Pizza Shop

At the very bottom of the African continent, tucked away in the seaside suburb of Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa, you will find Call-A-Pizza. The name might suggest a corporate mega food conglomerate, but this little pizza shop is the furtherest thing from it.

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Israeli brewery resurrects beer recipe from time of Jesus

A Jerusalem brewery has produced a craft beer with a taste it says dates back to the time of Jesus.


Starbucks opens in Jozi on Thursday

On Thursday, 21 April at 7h30am South Africans will be able to enjoy their very first cup of Starbucks coffee.


Will a bottle of wine chill more quickly in the freezer than in the refrigerator?

Priscilla in Evergreen, Colorado, writes:


Join the Glen Carlou Wine Club and get wine delivered to your door twice a year

Glen Carlou Wine Club Members can exclusively enjoy curated cases of wines with additional offerings unavailable to anyone else.

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Wine review: Boland Cellar Reserve Natural Ferment

When your wine grape growers have been part of your business for about 60 years, your viticulturists are able identify vineyard block which year after year produce fine grapes.


Never go out of style, she said? Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail is Diet Coke and Vodka.

We've been getting lots of juicy details about Taylor Swift thanks to her May Vogue cover story, and the revelations aren't done yet. As part of the magazine's 73 Questions series, a pre-bleach job


WellsFaber Sommelier Selection Rosés

Sommelier Tongai Joseph Dhafana of La Colombe fame is a one man WOSA. If he's not on CNBC, he's in the pages of City Press preaching the Gospel of Gastronomy. WOSA should let up on the Marie munching


Ale Tale: Bottoms Up To Devils Peak’s Mnandi Beer

Make no mistake, brewing beer is one thing, but putting that beer in a bottle and stocking pubs and bottle stores around the country is a whole different ballgame. Devils Peak Brewery in Cape Town has


Springtime Sippin – Ginger Gin Fizz

This drink makes me want to stare into the sun!


Constantia Hits the Big Time

Constantia wines are way too good to be left to cyclists and to Dear Angela, as an accompaniment to her take-away Woolies lasagna. My weekly tiny wine column goes into raptures about a red this week.


Double value from a Doran duo

It's in danger of becoming a broken record phrase, but I must repeat that Doran continues to offer exceptional value for money. Keeping retail prices for two three-year-olds -  a rich, complex,