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6 Tips to make your wine labels pop off the shelf

Wine label design is very personal – every wine brand has a unique story to tell.


Quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes

10 Ingredient quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes with salsa, tortilla chips, and a creamy avocado-cilantro sauce! A hearty plant-based entree or side.


A Short Course on Boxed Wine

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Mainly, they are rooted in some level of truthiness: However, here’s a bit of stereotypical truthiness that is no longer valid. Box wines don’t suck.


How Wine Sulfites Became the Bad Guy

Interest in more naturally made wines—whether they’re organic, biodynamic, or brandish neither certification—is growing alongside a general consumer shift towards foods that contain fewer artificial, processed ingredients.

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De Grendel Shiraz – The Wine To Drink in May

Winter is all about comfort, be it the clothes we wear, the food we eat or the wines that we drink, everything seems to have an extra layer to it.


Benguela Cove Launches Two New Sweet Wines

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is excited to announce the release of its sweet wines, the Benguela Cove Noble Late Harvest 2015 and Matilda’s Secret Natural Sweet 2014.


De Wetshof Estate Finesse Bags SA Top 100 Wines Slot

The Finesse Chardonnay, a wine in the range of South African pioneering Chardonnay producer De Wetshof Estate, was adjudged one of the top 100 local wines in the recently held Top 100 SA/National Wine Challenge.


A lesson in buying wine: what you should know

Okay – so you’ve got your friends, your budget, your glasses and your spittoons sorted – now what? Well, some wine would be good for starters – how do you go about that then?

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Brandy needs a Big Brother

Why is every retailer and his dog obsessed with Scotch? Is it for the free trips to the lochs and tartan clad Scottish luvvies? Is it because its not South African? When the largest retailer in Africa


State Capture Cuvées

The bombshell that the Ruperts, Oppenheimers and Rothschilds have been trying to capture the SA state through Project Spider Web will come as no surprise to a student at the UCT Graduate School of Bu


Enjoy Beer The German Way

AUCKLAND PARK - Whether you slam, pound, hammer or simply drink your beer, the Schulbasar is the place to be.


Morgenster blends Boland and Italy with finesse

Winemaker Henry Kotze, Giulio Bertrand and consultant Pierre Lurton   It always seems to be a beautiful day when its time to head to Morgenster, and this was no exception. A group of win