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Crispy Bacon and Cheese Sticks

These cheesy puff pastry and bacon coated in brown sugar sticks are the BOMB!


How To Make Bad White Wine Drinkable

We’ve all been there before, we’re hanging out in the sunshine with friends, and the only thing that would make the day better would be a delicious glass of white wine.


Orange River Cellars Shines with Wine Awards and New Wine-tasting Centre

What a year it has been so far for Orange River Cellars – and we are only in June! Besides an excellent harvest of high quality grapes from which a string of more superb wines have been made, the Northern Cape’s stalwart wine cellar has already excelled at three leading wine competitions.


Cool Cape Town Cafes with Steaming Hot Drinks

For cold and rainy days in Cape Town, we’ve picked four of the trendiest cafes in town to head to for a cup of steaming hot coffee, chocolate or tea.


Wine options from Hartenberg that don’t disappoint

Hartenberg Wine Estate has just released two more wines for the enjoyment of the already committed Hartenberg follower, yet guaranteed to interest and attract the uninitiated as well.


You Can Now Buy Spicy Pickle Brine In A Can

A Washington, D.C. pickle company has just officially condoned your not-so-secret love of pickle juice. Cheers!


Trail dust IS thicker than blood

An amazing blend of Pinotage, Cinsault and Pinot Noir from Beyerskloof at South China Dim Sum on Long Street, Cape Town, yesterday with Charles Withington, Mr. Darling wine. Called trail dust, it i


Eerste Blik Pinot

Bottle of the Week: First Sighting Special Cuvee Pinot Noir 2014 Neil Pendock | 15 June, 2016 09:00 Adamastor still huffs and puffs and blows grapes off the vines. Pinot noir is called the heartb


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