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Only a few years ago Cape Town was a sad little tapless town, unable to properly marinate any IPA-seeking hipster-moustache.


Allow me to take some attention off apple cider vinegar for a moment and shed light on another drink that’s been popping in conversations and is even included in some of our favourite cold-pressed juice blends: aloe vera.


They were friends and drinking buddies for decades before starting their Casamigos tequila brand.


The Macaron. Crunchy, yet pillowy, smooth, yet chewy. It is only the French with their heritage of confectionery who can dream up such a wonderful combination of tastes and textures within a one-bite cookie.

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Winemakers often speak of “terroir” as the chief influencer in the quality of a wine.


What comes to mind when you think of De Krans ports and wines?


Angostura Bitters is an essential cocktail ingredient that is somewhat shrouded in secrecy, myth and legend. We pull back the curtain.