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Easy Quinoa Pizza Bowls

Everyone seems to be obsessed with anything that’s served in a bowl lately, and I’ll admit I’m no exception.


There’s really no reason not to be drinking organic wine

People are often willing to pay more for organic meat and produce, expecting higher quality products and a smaller impact on the environment. Wine is a different story.


The basic rule for pairing wine with tomatoes

Tomatoes — or more accurately, their acidity — might seem like a problem when you’re choosing a wine to pair with them. But as with most other foods, my advice is: Don’t be scared.


Brutal Fruit #SheRocks campaign angers women

How does your success and independence change the kind of men you meet and the dynamics of your relationships? 

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Sommelier’s Choice: Marlvin Gwese and Brian Mahlangu at the Cape Grace Hotel

In this popular series we feature selected sommeliers from top restaurants around the world.


Is your expensive health drink worth it?

Experts tell you which health elixirs are worth your money


Why Teenagers Aren’t Drinking Alcopops Anymore

The sickeningly sweet, pre-mixed concoctions were everywhere come the turn of the millennium, but today’s teenage drinkers are immune to the alcopop's allure.


Drinking Champagne Every Day Could Help Prevent Dementia And Alzheimer’s

Three glasses a day keep the doctor away.