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The Cheapest Wine in South Africa’s Four Major Supermarkets

Supermarkets are one of the cheapest places to stock up on wine, sometimes even cheaper than going to the wineries themselves.


Drinking beer can make you more susceptible to mosquito bites

Blotto on beer? Then you had better watch out for mosquitoes.


We tried UCook, a ready to cook meal delivery service and loved it!

Getting dinner on the table during the week can be a challenging even at the best of times. Most people are busy, between families and careers and the endless demands of day to day life.


7 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Vodka No One Told You About

According to us, no good can come from a night of binge-drinking vodka.


How to make Irish Cream Liqueur in 5 mintues

Irish cream isn’t always considered the most sophisticated spirit, but there’s no shame in the occasional after-dinner tipple of the sweet, creamy stuff, especially when you make it yourself.


New Vintage Muscadel Wins National Champion Trophy for Orange River Cellars Muscadel

Top image caption: Johan Ehlers, CEO of Agri-Expo, Rianco van Rooyen, Mosdop Dippenaar, John van Breda, former Agri-Expo CEO.


Wellington Wines makes movie debut

The Bovlei range from Wellington Wines will be making their silver screen debut this week in the Afrikaans movie, Dis koue kos, Skat.


Beer Pong Gets a High-Tech Upgrade to Satisfy Modern Frat Bros

It's called Pongbot


Waterblommetjie and sorrel soup

Waterblommetjies (Aponogeton distachyos), also known as Cape pondweed, are bulbous plants that thrive in slow- moving water dams, particularly in the Western Cape. The flowers or stems of these plants