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How to make Red Wine Lollipops that look like lips

Looking for something to do with leftover red wine or make use of that undrinkable bottle in your fridge?


Bottom Sniffer non-alcoholic beer for dogs makes their bums smell better

It’s the product no one asked for, but that every dog owner will now receive for Christmas: special non-alcoholic beer for dogs that makes their bums smell better.


Coffee vs. Cold Brew vs. Espresso: Which has the most caffeine?

When you wake up and drink your morning cup of coffee, you don’t dwell on what it is about the brown beverage that wakes you up. You just know that it’s easier to go about your day after you’ve downed a few cups.


Summer inspired menu at the Terra del Capo Antipasti Bar

Summer’s in the air and it has found its way to the Terra del Capo Tasting Room and Antipasto Bar’s menu. Bursting with vibrant fresh flavours the menu boasts seasonal spring and summer produce, in its freshest form.

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Come taste Spring in the new dishes and drinks at Belle’s Patisserie

Belle’s Patisserie, situated BluBird Centre in Johannesburg, recently launched their Spring 2016 menu.


Bordeaux Voted Best City In The World by Lonely Planet


Cape Town Has the Best Coffee Shops in South Africa | SAPeople – Your Worldwide South African Community

Certain cities around the world get a name for great coffee. San Francisco, Seattle, London, Tokyo, Taipei. Now add Cape Town to the pack, especially over the last year or two as specialty coffee sh


Solidarity with Congo

The Congolese comprise one of the most vibrant communities in the rainbow society that is Cape Town. Last week, we had the wonderful spectacle of a colourful demonstration outside the Cape Town Club i


Caligula's Cuvee

My tiny organ, which reaches depths social media cannot plumb, excels itself today, promoting a Latinate wine for those of us with a classical education. And I'm not talking visiting professors at th


Are Old Vines a Scam?

As owner of some of the oldest Bukettraube vines in the universe, I have a pony in this race and skin aplenty in this game. But I can't help but think that old vines are another Swartland Scam. Cyclis


Getting To Know Esther Mahlangu

DESTINY MAN - Esther Mahlangu (80) was the first artist to put Ndebele motifs on canvas and is today internationally acclaimed for her work with the likes of BMW and Belvedere Vodka. We met the living


SA brandy gets wheels

The SA Brandy Foundation pushed the trolley out yesterday at Luke Dale-Robert's Test Kitchen in Woodstock at a blow-out lunch. While Michelin *** addresses boast chariots de frommage, you may hear Ten


Maple Bourbon Cocktail

This Maple Bourbon Cocktail is a sweet drink that can even win over sugar-haters; The bite of bourbon keeps things balanced and interesting


Blend Turmeric and Ginger With Coconut Milk. Drink Before Bed To Flush Liver Toxins While You Sleep

Golden Milk Recipe-as it is popularly called, is a mixture of turmeric spice, coconut milk, ginger and black pepper. Raw honey can be added to it to it for more sweetness and additional health benefit


A Guide to Tapas for South Africans