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< Friday 18 November 2016 >

How Bubbly Should Champagne Be?

Champagne’s defining feature is undoubtedly its bubbles. But just how aggressive should they be? Peter Liem on why producers are reconsidering the standard pressure in their wines, and what it can tell us about modern champagne.


London based distillery to make spirits from Avocado

Portobello Road Gin has revealed further details of its new London distillery, which will distill spirits from unusual base ingredients such as avocado and olive oil.


Modern day rules of craft beer drinking etiquette

Time was when pubs were simple, unfussy places, serving mainly pints, pies and packets of peanuts.


Drinks to enjoy while gambling online

Drinks to enjoy while gambling online are going to vary from person to person.


Celebrating All Things Chardonnay

At the moment the talk of the town is Chardonnay.


12 of the Best from Lanzerac

The warmer spring and summer months begs for chilled white wines, delicious bubbly and easy-drinking red wines to enjoy around the fire place on balmy evenings.


A Portuguese Eben Sadie

Leiria is the Riebeek-Kasteel of Portuguese wine. Home to Vidigal Wines - like Boekenhoutskloof without the cliched chairs or Reg Lascaris pimping self-help books from his car boot at the Diners ClubÂ


Cape Town Named Most Creative City In The World For 2016

No, it's not San Francisco, nor Paris, nor New York. In fact, none of those even make the list. We dug DEEP to find you the cities where creativity is at unprecedented highs, and we'll be amazed if yo


The $30 HyperChiller Cools Your Favorite Drink in 60 Seconds. Even Hot Coffee

It works great on wine and cocktails too. Just sayin'.


The Darling Of Bush Vine Wine

Grown on dry, unirrigated land, Darling Wines of Origin produce wines with intense flavour and have proven to be as popular locally as abroad.