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If you are a beer brewer, you will know that traditional homebrewing takes at least 4 weeks.


Some attribute the origin of pecan pie to the French colony of Louisiana, while others claim that this pie is a recipe that was entirely invented by Karo to promote their corn syrup.


Rietvallei is releasing its 2016 John B Brut Sparkling Chardonnay and John B Pink Bubbly under a brand new livery with a more timeless, vintage feel packaging.


Just in time for Season 7, Game of Thrones wines are coming to a store near you.


The history and development of the the espresso shot is varied and interesting. According to one story, thanks to the innovations of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, the first version of espresso came into being in 1901.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. This adage is relevant to the American wine market where, according to Simon Back (top image), CEO of Backsberg Estate Cellars in Paarl, there is no silver bullet to success except old school, hands-on personal selling.


My tiny organ hits gold this morning. Fairview Rose Quartz 2016 How much and where? R100; www.fairview.co.za Why? Cape Town is flavour of the month for international foodies. The Spectator, new


The stand-out wine among an array of new-release "speciality wines" from Stellenbosch property Stellenzicht is The Vine Post Pinotage 2014 (price: R190 a