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This breakfast recipe is taking away most of the health benefits of avocado, but we all know bacon makes everything better. The greasy, fatty strips of meat also get a stamp of approval from diet experts who claim that bacon should be a key component when starting the keto diet. When you crack open the bacon-wrapped avocado, the soft-boiled egg inside oozes out for the perfect breakfast surprise. 


The East City is quickly shaping-up into Cape Town’s only real-food hotspot. No bullshit small plates or whatever pretentious tapas name you want to give it. Here you can still find a real meal. Locals first, tourists second.

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Once the Western Cape’s hidden gem, Robertson is fast becoming an important wine region both for wine production and wine tourism.


If you’re offered a pour of non-alcoholic wine you might figure that you’ll just be drinking grape juice. But no. NA Pinot Noir, Prosecco and the like start out like regular vintages — as boozy as your favorite drunk uncle.


Popping out to a local supermarket to stock up on wine is a thing of the past for KwaZulu-Natal residents, as dozens of stores have been forced to “go dry”.


Well-known Cape Town entertainment writer Bianca Coleman took a trip to Backsberg Estate Cellars in Paarl to check out the vibes at this popular wine farm’s Picnic Concert Series. And finds wine tourism to be rocking.