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Argumentative Essay on Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is a topic that should get most people pretty riled up. There is a stigma attached to those that choose to drink and drive and it is well deserved. The fact is, putting the key in the ignition with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit is equivalent to loading a gun and pointing it at everyone in your path. A car is a deadly machine and when operated by a drunk driver, it is almost certain to live up to its potential.


Best 5 Caribbean style cocktails to enjoy this summer

With the summer months almost upon us, most of us have already started planning our summer getaways featuring beaches, sun and plenty of fun.


2015 La Motte Millennium awarded Best of Show South African Red at Mundus Vini Grand Wine Awards

La Motte is delighted to announce that its acclaimed Bordeaux-style red wine, 2015 La Motte Millennium, was recognised as the Best of Show South African Red at the Spring Tasting of the Mundus Vini Grand International Wine Awards.


The Beach Glass: Your beach drinking saviour

Add a touch of elegance and innovation to that special event on the beach, outdoor concert or on the slopes with the The Beach Glass‘®.


Study shows that cheese can enhance the taste of wine

The next time you drink a glass of wine, don’t forget to combine it with a cube of cheese. Researchers have confirmed that consuming cheese may actually increase how much someone likes the wine they are drinking.


Eight Top South African Sommeliers visit Creation Wines

At Creation we regularly receive sommeliers from all corners of the earth, but it is not often that we get to share our little piece of paradise first hand with no less than eight of South Africa’s top sommeliers at the same time!

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Wade Bales Celebrates 25 Years of Fine Wines with “Meet the Makers” Festival

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, Wade Bales would like to invite you to a truly unique event, taking place on Saturday, 6 May 2017.


3 World Famous Merlot Wines

Maligned by some, it remains one of the world’s most popular grape varieties. But do you know these famous Merlot wines?


The Rompel Report: review of Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook

Cookbooks are difficult to judge as the main criteria, the smell and taste of the meals, is not transferred to the reader. A German saying goes:"the eye is also eating" - very true as I myself am very


An Islay Whisky, From Start To Finish, Food News & Top Stories

The Scottish island of Islay is well-known for its smoky, peaty whiskies, as peat is found in abundance on the island off the southwest coast of Scotland. However, funnily enough, another vital ingred


Best Spring Music Festivals For Drinkers

Today there are countless music festivals selling untold numbers of cheap booze, and while that has its place, when a festival goes above and beyond and puts together a unique, high-quality beverage p


Five Of The Best Vineyards In The Western Cape

The Western Cape has always been a big crowd-puller in South Africa. Apart from its abundance of beautiful mountains and beaches, the Western Cape is also home to over 100,000 hectares of vineyards.


Savanna Comedy Night Promises Hot Line Up

With five different shows over four days, Durban comedy is on fire, so be sure to catch a show near you!


Bar Odessa

A lavish basement bar full of Hellenic cocktails and history lessons.


Woman Breaks Into Drake’s Home, Drinks His Sprite

She was also wearing one of his hoodies when she was arrested.


Anthrax’s Scott Ian: “i’d Love To Hear Lady Gaga Do A Rock Record”

The band's at Marquee this week.


Luxco Announces New Tequila Distillery Plans

The new distillery for El Mayor and Exotico tequilas will be contructed outside Arandas in the highlands of Jalisco


Anthrax’s Scott Ian: “i’d Love To Hear Lady Gaga Do A Rock Record”

The band's at Marquee this week.