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Flaming Dr. Pepper Cocktail

Mix your own Flaming Dr. Pepper Cocktail.


Zipperhead Cocktail

Mix your own Zipperhead Cocktail.


Snake Bite (UK) Cocktail

Mix your own Snake Bite (UK) Cocktail.


Radioactive Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Mix your own Radioactive Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail.


Long vodka Cocktail

Mix your own Long vodka Cocktail.


Texas Sling Cocktail

Mix your own Texas Sling Cocktail.


Jam Donut Cocktail

Mix your own Jam Donut Cocktail.


Snakebite and Black Cocktail

Mix your own Snakebite and Black Cocktail.


Penicillin Cocktail

Mix your own Penicillin Cocktail.


Malibu Twister Cocktail

Mix your own Malibu Twister Cocktail.


Godfather Cocktail

Mix your own Godfather Cocktail.


Baby Eskimo Cocktail

Mix your own Baby Eskimo Cocktail.


Orange Whip Cocktail

Mix your own Orange Whip Cocktail.


Yellow Bird Cocktail

Mix your own Yellow Bird Cocktail.


Grand Blue Cocktail

Mix your own Grand Blue Cocktail.


Vermouth Cassis Cocktail

Mix your own Vermouth Cassis Cocktail.


Russian Spring Punch Cocktail

Mix your own Russian Spring Punch Cocktail.


New York Sour Cocktail

Mix your own New York Sour Cocktail.


Boston Sidecar Cocktail

Mix your own Boston Sidecar Cocktail.


Rum Punch Cocktail

Mix your own Rum Punch Cocktail.


California Root Beer Cocktail

Mix your own California Root Beer Cocktail.


Miami Vice Cocktail

Mix your own Miami Vice Cocktail.


Royal Gin Fizz Cocktail

Mix your own Royal Gin Fizz Cocktail.


Pink Panty Pulldowns Cocktail

Mix your own Pink Panty Pulldowns Cocktail.


Chocolate Monkey Cocktail

Mix your own Chocolate Monkey Cocktail.


Sea breeze Cocktail

Mix your own Sea breeze Cocktail.


Zima Blaster Cocktail

Mix your own Zima Blaster Cocktail.


Bob Marley Shooter

Pour your own Bob Marley Shot.


Jamaican Coffee Cocktail

Mix your own Jamaican Coffee Cocktail.


Screaming Orgasm Cocktail

Mix your own Screaming Orgasm Cocktail.