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Woman caught with bottle of vodka inside a giant sandwich at event

Security at the Southwell Racecourse near Nottinghamshire, England, found more than what they’ve bargained for when an ambitious race-goer tried to smuggle a bottle of vodka into the event inside a massive sandwich.


Amarula removes the elephant off its label as part of the #DontLetThemDisappear campaign

The African elephant is on the brink of disappearing- the latest wildlife census information puts the number of African elephants living in the wild at around 400,000. For many this fact seems far removed from their daily lives, but for those living in Africa, the reality is unimaginable.


These sustainable coffee cups are made from actual coffee

Drinking three cups of coffee a day could add years to your life, but let’s not forget that only one in 400 disposable coffee cups in the UK is recycled, and there’s also evidence that decaf coffee could be destroying the ozone layer.


A Gin and Tonic a day keeps the allergies at bay!

While many can’t wait for winter to be over, there are those of us who are already dreading the spring bloom and the ensuing wave of hay fever it entails.


Make your rough night out look pretty with Pink Tequila

We all know that unless you’re some kind of tequila connoisseur (if you are, cool. Let’s be friends), shots of tequila are simply the go-to way to ramp a night out up a few notches.


An evening of elegance at this year’s harvest-inspired Protea Party

Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready for Anthonij Rupert Estate’s annual winelands celebration – the Protea Party – being held on Saturday, 28 October.


Michelangelo Takes the Spirit of South African Brandy to the World

Top image caption: Bernhard Schäfer, Germany spirits expert.

The Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards provides one of most comprehensive platforms for judging South African brandies.


Amarula Removes Elephant From Logo

Amarula and Wildlife Direct take a firm stand against African elephant killings for ivory trade


There’s More To Classic Tiki Than Just Kitsch

Bartender Martin Cate reveals eight fun facts about the past, present and future of tiki culture


Le Gavroche Celebrates 50th Birthday With Little Bird Gin At Maltby Street Market

Celebrating 50 years of illustrious Mayfair dining establishment Le Gavroche, legendary British chef Michel Roux Jr took residence in the archways of Maltby Street Market this weekend, in a one-off co


“project A: The Prologue”: The Biggest And Coolest Law School Party On September 2!

Channel your inner fluorescent adolescent & join us as we kick it back. Revel in the neon city nostalgia. Go on a time hop & take a trip to San Junipero. The Women of Aleitheia of the Ateneo L


Aldi Launches Italian Gourmet Food Range

Aldi is launching a gourmet food range with copycat versions of San Pellegrino and Buffalo Mozzarella in a bid to woo customers from Waitrose. Goods will be half the price of competitors, according to


Grey Goose Vodka Announces New Partnership Venture With The Weeknd

Grey Goose and The Weeknd announce a first-of-its-kind partnership


Jägermeister Sued For Trademark Infringement By Kühl

Alcoholic drinks maker Jägermeister has been sued for trademark infringement by an outdoor wear company over an advert featuring the word “Kühl”.


The Rusted Mule Gives S.f. Its First Dedicated Mule Bar

Martini bars are a thing. So are margarita bars. Now, in what may be an international milestone, San Francisco has its first mule bar: the Rusted Mule. For theme bar-saturated San Fra


These Chip-sized Spacecraft Are The Smallest Space Probes Yet

Space initiative dubbed Breakthrough Starshot sent the smallest spacecraft yet into orbit around Earth.


You’ve Never Seen Gin And Juice Like This Before

Laiiiiid back.


Crazy Uses For A Sodastream: Try These If You Dare

Fizzy tea? SodaStream paintball? Some brave souls tried out these ultra-creative carbonated concoctions so that we didn't have to.


Watch Stix Shine A Light On One Of L.a.’s Most Overlooked Neighborhoods

The lifelong Watts resident dedicates his new project to the streets that raised him.


Behind Della Femina’s Funnyman Facade: ‘i Want To Be Known As Somebody’

Jerry Della Femina's wiseguy rep made it hard for the ad industry to take him seriously, he tells Rance Crain. "I think about that all the time."


Napa Wine Merchant Accused Of Fraud In Client’s Lawsuit

Bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach has filed suit against Soutirage for $1 million, accusing the retailer of knowingly selling fake wines


403 Forbidden


Differing Brand Preferences Can Spell Doom For Couples

Study has found couples who disagree over household brands could sour a relationship even more than those from a different background.


Pamper Yourself In A Superb Setting

Delaire is on the Helshoogte Pass, and one of the most glorious places in the Winelands.


Winter Warmers In The Winelands

Things may be relatively quiet in the vineyards right now, but there's certainly no lack of activity on the Cape's wine routes.


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