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How beer can strengthen your natural hair

With too much sun exposure, your hair is more prone to breakage and a dull appearance.


The Cheapest Cities In The World For A Pint Of Beer

They say that life is too short to drink cheap beer, but there’s no denying a good deal on a pint makes it taste all the sweeter.


Woolworths Launches New Signature Series Wine Range

Woolworths has partnered with six of the country’s best wine makers to bring to life their exclusive Signature Series. Offering three reds and three whites, the range consists of a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chenin Blanc, a Chardonnay, a Shiraz, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot.


If Your Life Is A Lemon, Here’s How To Turn It Into Lemonade

No matter who you are or what you do, at some point in every person’s life the powers that be will hash out some lemons. It is what a person chooses to do with these lemons that determines their strength of character.

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Heineken Issue Ferments: Labour-broking Shows Few Signs Of Disappearing

Workers want permanent jobs as the company allegedly tries to evade new labour-broker laws


Diet Drinks Also Losing Weight As Coke Shrinks Bottles

Coca-Cola has reduced its fizzy drinks can and bottle sizes? saying it is about helping consumers reduce sugar? but it has also reduced the size of Coke Zero and Sprite Zero? Coke Light cans and bottl


34° Launch Savanna’s New Special Release Rum-flavoured Cider Through An Innovative Btl Approach

The Savanna marketing team recognised a gap in the market: millennials want something unique that taps into the recent 'craft' trend that has taken the world by storm...


El Jimador Tequila Unveils Day Of The Dead Bottle

El Jimador Tequila is celebrating Mexico's Day of the Dead with the launch of a new limited-edition bottle design for its Blanco and Reposado expressions


Jack Lee Wins The 44th Glenfiddich Piping Championship

Benderloch’s Angus MacColl took second in the piobaireachd, coming third overall.


Get A Jump On Thanksgiving And Put This Classic Pie Recipe On Your Menu Now

The fourth Thursday in November comes early this year. With only three weeks to get ready for Thanksgiving, that can put a lot of pressure on those who rightly


Bar News

R&B Distillers is partnering premium mixer brand Fentimans to encourage people to be more adventurous in the ways they drink whisky.