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Why you should be drinking MCC instead of Champagne this festive season

Bubbly, Sparking Wine, Champagne, Methode Cap Classique.


Reduce bloating by swapping booze for kombucha

More and more of us are taking time off from the hard stuff in order to give their livers a rest. As health and fitness move further and further up the social agenda, getting hammered is falling out of fashion.

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Chicken, Bacon and Pumpkin Gnocchi

Make a restaurant-worthy dish right in your very own home in less than 30-minutes.


Important Role of Sales and Marketing in Success of Diemersdal Wines

With over 8 000 various units of wine available on the South African market, this is one of the most competitive arenas in the consumer game, and a brand’s success depends on the quality of people who have to sell it to retailers and restaurants. Inge Coetzee, brand manager at Diemersdal, is one of the parties ensuring this Durbanville Estate’s presence on those burgeoning restaurant wine-lists and in on-consumption establishments. Here she gives her impressions on the current state of the wine market.


How to Tell If You’re a Supertaster

Most humans can be placed into three major categories of tasters—nontasters, tasters, and supertasters, roughly in the ratio of 25 percent: 50 percent: 25 percent. There is also a small percentage (less than 1 percent) of humanity categorized in a super-supertaster category.