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You Can Take A Tequila Train To Mexico’s Most Magical Town

Tequila, Mexico lives up to its Pueblo Mágico designation.


Demi Lovato Used To ‘drink Vodka From Sprite Bottle And Throw Up’

Lovato thanked fans during for keeping her sober. She said on stage: 'Yesterday, six years ago, I was drinking vodka out of a Sprite bottle at 9 in the morning, throwing up in the car.'

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Is Guinness Beer Actually A Healthy Beverage?

It has been touted as being "good for you," but is Guinness beer actually a healthy beverage?


At The Club With Remy Martin All-star Set To Shut Down Lagos, Abuja

Boasting a Sci-fi theme…The Multiverse, the luxury brand have urged fans and supporters in Lagos and Abuja to prepare themselves for a night like no other, fill with music, entertainment and tastes

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Why Rum Is The New Trend Tailor-made For South Africans


Rum And Bones: Second Tide?a Piratical Tabletop Moba

Prepare to walk the cardboard plank.

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Reps’ Verdict On Nbc: You Must Tell Nigerians Fanta, Sprite ‘re Harmful With Vitamin C

House of Representatives has asked the Nigerian Bottling Company, NBC, producers of Coca Cola to as a matter of compulsion tell Nigerians that two of their products, Fanta and Sprite were dangerous to


No Longer On The Rocks: Irish Whiskey Booming

The spirit now accounts for more than a third of total beverage exports, valued at around half a billion pounds per year.


Does Sodastream International Ltd?s (nasdaq:soda) Past Performance Indicate A Stronger Future?

After looking at SodaStream International Ltd's (NASDAQ:SODA) latest earnings announcement (31 December 2017), I found it useful to revisit the company's performance in the past couple of years and a


Gin Sales Market Production, Price, Demand By Type Forecast To 2025 – Financial Analyst