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Italy’s iconic Moka coffee pots at risk of extinction

The classic coffee pot may disappear from Italian kitchens as Bialetti, the historic company that invented the moka in the 1930s, warns of impending bankruptcy.


The plastic straw was invented by the Sumerians for drinking beer

As sophisticated as ancient brewing practices were, there was still a chance for sediment to end up in a drinker’s pint, so Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians were known to drink beer with straws made of reeds or gold, depending upon one’s social class.


Four Modern Takes On Drinking Games

We all know the importance of not overindulging, particularly in alcoholic drinks. But most of us have also had those moments, particularly in our student days, when we have not always stuck to that rule. When it comes to drinking, some of the games we might remember from college or university days were likely to have led to sore heads the morning after.


Celebrate Halloween With A Few Spooky Phantom Gin Cocktails

Serve a range of spine-tingling Phantom Gin cocktails at your Halloween party.

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Top UK beer festivals for your diary over the coming weeks

The UK’s real ale scene has never been in better health. Microbreweries are thriving, and their bottled offerings are even starting to take on the big players on the supermarket shelves. It’s an exciting time for the industry, but the ideal way to experience the best of British beer is at a grassroots level.


the beachhouse joins hands with Clean C to clear our beaches of fireworks

Guy Fawkes Day, held annually on 5 November, is known for dazzling displays of fireworks – also on our Cape beaches. And while pretty to look at, these fireworks leave a massive mess in their wake, and this litter lands up in the ocean with disastrous consequences for marine life. This year, the beachhouse wines will be partnering with Clean C to rid our beaches of the debris caused by fireworks and restore them to their natural, pristine state.


Jordan Enters The Caffeine Market With The Launch Of Black Magic Coffee

With Halloween upon us, Jordan is excited to launch their Black Magic coffee, inspired by our Black Magic Merlot grown on Tourmaline-rich granite that darkens the soil, leading to perfumed, inky wines. 


Terra del Capo Antipasto Bar serves up a seasonal Italian feast this summer

Summer brings with it longer days, warmer weather and all the reasons to book a table for lunch at the Terra del Capo Tasting Room and Antipasto Bar in Franschhoek. Situated on the mesmerizing Anthonij Rupert Estate, Chef HW Pieterse and his team invite you to sit back, relax and savour their showcase of antipasti on the new summer menu.


Boschendal is a favourite with SA sommeliers

Boschendal’s 1685 Chardonnay 20171685 Merlot 2016 and Grande Cuvée Brut 2013 are so sought after. They’ve been sniffed, swirled and selected by the country’s top sommeliers for the prestigious 2018 Sommeliers Selection. A go-to list of SA’s best wines at every price point.


10 Haunted Places In Cape Town

Cape Town is a place of beauty but our history is not without its ugly or scary aspects and as the past has come and gone, it has left behind a few stories might spark a chill down your spine.


Absolut Is Launching Limited Edition Sequin Bottles For The Holidays

If there?s one thing the holidays can always use more of, it?s shine. From the twinkle of lights to the glimmer of tinsel, the holiday season just isn?t the same without some sparkle. If you?re lookin


Bulldog Gin Is Opening A Bar At London’s Printworks

​Get some proper G&Ts while you rave at BULLDOG Gin's new bar at Printworks


101 Reasons To Pen Robertson’s Wine On The River Festival Into Your 2019 Calendar

Take a gorgeous river vista, the smell of cooking food, and a lush abundance of Robertson Wine Valley wines and you’ve got a foolproof recipe for a good time! That is, unless you drink a bit too muc


Mezcal, Tequila And Agave Spirit: What’s The Diffs?

Resident drinks writer, Leah van Deventer unpacks some questions you might have about these punchy (trending) spirits.


A Four-course Thanksgiving Menu From The Chefs At Frenchette

An upside-down lamb for meat-lovers, a Moroccan-inspired tagine for vegetarians, and more dramatic ways to satisfy everybody at the table.


Domino?s Pizza Picks Pepsi In India, Ends 20-year Deal With Coca-cola

The PepsiCo portfolio of carbonated beverages of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7Up, and Mirinda along with Lipton Ice Tea will be sold across all Domino?s restaurants in India


Vegan And Vegetarian Menus Burst With Flavour At Bistro Sixteen82

Bistro Sixteen82 embraces World Vegan Day ? Thursday, 1 November 2018 with new menu Bistro Sixteen82, Steenberg’s popular cellar door restaurant in Constantia welcomes vegans and vegetarians this su


You Must Know The Difference Between ?brand? And ?branding?, In Order To Reach The Masses

Years ago there was a terrific television campaign starring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins. It was very funny, it was very popular with the public, and


Epic Sushi Specials In Sa


Tabloids’ Coverage Of Stella Artois Research ‘misconstrued’

Stella Artois' research into how professionals spend their time has been intentionally "misconstrued" by tabloid newspapers, including the Daily Mail and The Sun, according to 3 Monkeys Zeno MD Christ


The Perfect Catch At Saltwater Grill

You could drive straight past Saltwater Grill in Pinelands daily and wonder what the food is all about, it is very accessibly situated in the busy suburb, a short stray off the N1 Highway.


Sodastream Offers Halloween ‘costume’ For Their Flagship Appliance

SodaStream gave their flagship appliance a halloween costume—a sort of Halloween prank from the millennial-focused company. What?s more interesting is what the appliance is dressing up as: a Nespres


What?s The Difference Between Champagne, Mcc, & Sparkling Wine?

Everything you need to know about bubbly.


Cocktails, Unlimited: Halloween Served With A Side Of Whisky

This Halloween deck-up your bar with some spooky drinks.


CÎroc Vodka Treats Guests To A Night Of Playful Luxury

CÎROC Life is on a hunt for the nation’s hottest hangouts, taking high energy party experiences to the hippest people around.


Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe With Variations

Here's a recipe for the Cosmopolitan, an American mystery shaken and poured.


Mini Bottle Of Tequila Found In Shelby County Trick-or-treater’s Bag

Police are warning parents to check their kids' bags for anything that could be harmful.


This Tuk Tuk Wine Tour Is The Best Way To See The Stellenbosch Winelands!

Wine-hopping without a worry!


Things To Do In Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Events – October 31, 2018

Things To Do In Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Events – October 31, 2018: 11th Annual Sunset in the Vi...


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