Scientist David Nutt memorably said alcohol is more dangerous than crack. Now, he is trying to invent a healthy synthetic alternative, and the race is on to get it to market. (more…)

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Could Alcosynth Provide All The Joy Of Booze, Without The Dangers?

Scientist David Nutt memorably said alcohol is more dangerous than crack. Now, he is trying to invent a healthy synthetic alternative, and the race is on to get it to market.


3 Croutons recipes to upgrade your soups and salads

Thrifty cooks have been finding creative ways for using up stale bread since the beginning of time. The connection between stale bread and soup dates to the Medieval times, when soup was served in sops (pieces of stale bread).


Components Of An Exquisite Wine For Beginners

I guess everyone wants to introduce themselves to the different kinds of wine which are found in all corners of the world. If you are a starter and wants to know if a wine you see best suits for you, you need to know a lot of things before you get to enjoy a glass of it. There are some criteria you need to take note to make sure that you devour the taste talking about the choice of your brand wine.


Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival returns for 2019 with foodie focus

Scotland’s largest celebration of craft beer returns to Edinburgh this May with a special foodie focus, top-class music acts and a huge selection of craft beers from some of the world’s most innovative brewers.


Inverroche CafeCoco Liqueur: When Chocolate and Rum Meets

In a quick recap, I was invited to do a bit of city crawl with Jody Francis, the Brand Ambassador for Inverroche, discovering the brand’s new Liqueur range, some of the best venues the Mother City has to offer, and taking a closer look at the home of Inverroche.


La Petite Ferme launches new Autumn menu

La Petite Ferme is excited to unveil its new Autumn menu. Head Chef Kyle, Sous Chef Maveer and their talented team have gone out of their way to create some exceptional seasonal offerings. Guests can choose to enjoy the Autumn Menu as a 2 course or 3 course option.


Pop a Cork to Harvest 2019

Despite all the long-hours, sweat and hard-work, there is something magical about the harvest season. For us in the cork industry, it lies in the satisfaction of seeing the just-cut bark from the cork oaks arriving at our plants in southern Portugal to be processed. It smells of earth and fresh wood, a truly natural product from wild forests, each tree stripped of its bark every nine years.


Absolut: Absolut Elyx Bottle Design

Absolut Elyx celebrates its evolution with the unveiling of a striking new bottle design. The new Absolut Elyx bottle is a symbol of 'emboldened luxury', providing an even bolder shelf standout that g


Hangover-free Synthetic Alcohol Could Be Ready In Five Years

London-based scientist David Nutt is working on a safe form of synthetic alcohol that provides all the positives of drinking, without the health issues, hangovers, and risk of overindulging.


The French Must Drink Less Wine, Say Health Officials

Health agency advises no more than two glasses a day to cut down alcohol-related disease risk


A First For Africa – Luxury Airbnb Stay At A Whisky Distillery

Imagine being one of only a handful of people in the world to spend a night sleeping at a whisky distillery. Not close, but breaths away from where the whisky is being crafted. In a first for Africa,


The Continental Buffet & The Marine Breakfast Special This April At The Marine, Hermanus

Make April special by breakfasting at The Marine, Hermanus. Start your day with a lavish cold Continental Buffet or the hot Breakfast Special. The Continental Bu?et is set up each morning and guests c


How Non-alcoholic Drinks Are Rebranding

As more young people opt for wellness-oriented lifestyles, brands are offering more nonalcoholic products.


Art Scene

The Autumn 2019 issue of Southern Vines magazine features three South African artists, Andrew Ntshabele, Corné Eksteen and Mila Posthumus , each unique in their background and thematic concerns, cre


Hendrick’s Gin’s Giant Cucumber Stunt Sinks: Marketer’s Brief

Marketer's Brief has news on a Hendrick's Gin giant cucumber stunt that sunk, and how brands are pushing canned wine.


Natick Energy Drink Company Tru Eyes Cbd Product With New Funding Round

Tru Energy plans to produce a new drink infused with cannabidiol, a compound derived from both hemp and marijuana.


Fictional ‘breaking Bad’ Beer Schraderbrau To Become A Real Thing

"Breaking Bad?s fictional beer Schraderbrau -- home brewed by DEA agent Hank Schrader in the show -- will be available this spring, according to U.S. media.


Martini Takes On Aperol With New Fiero Vermouth

Italian vermouth Martini is targeting a younger demographic of drinkers with a new brightly coloured expression: Fiero


Quintessential Brands Announces Standalone North America Unit

Premium spirits company Quintessential Brands will split its North America operations into a separate business, as it targets growth in the US and Canada.


Events In Cape Town In April 2019

The Trolley Dollies: Non-Specific Cape Town?s thrilling threesome are back and, boy-oh-boy, be prepared to be blown away! The Trolley Dollies? brand new show, ?Non-Specific? is your exclusive backstag


Nuy Wine Cellar’s Tasting Room And Restaurant – Nuy On The Hill

Nuy Winery opened their showcase venue and restaurant, Nuy on the hill, located on a slight elevation alongside the R60 between Worcester and Robertson, right next to the Nuy Valley turnoff in Decembe


Global Tequila Market Report Forecast By Development, Trends, And Forecast (2019 ? 2024)

Tequila Market 2019 report contains a focused socio-economic, political, and environmental analysis of the factors affecting the Tequila industry. The report contains an analysis of the technologies i


Noseweek 234 Klein Constantia And The Two Exhumed Baboons

A primate murder mystery puts one of South Africa?s best-known wine estates on the spot. Klein Constantia on the slopes ...


Scientists Are Using Coffee To Harness Solar Energy

Italian scientists have made a coffee colloid for direct absorption of solar energy.


Judge Tells Man To Give Up Pepsi During Probation: ‘the Soda Made You Do It?’

?I?m sure the soda didn?t make you steal the vehicle," said Judge Rhonda Loo.


#behindtheselfie With… Michelle Beh

This week, we go behind the selfie with Michelle Beh, MD and strategy director at the Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town and panel moderator at the IAB SA's most recent Insight Series event...


Tasty Breakfast Options For The #ctijf This Weekend

This weekend you're going to need to stay charged for all the jazz fun, breakfast is the best way to do that - make sure ...


South Africa’s Best Bars And Best Bartenders For 2019 Announced

The winners of the 2019 Bar (Bartending Accolades and Recognition) Awards were recently announced at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)...


Easter Eggs For Adults: Sugarbird Gin Eggs Put A Boozy Spin On Easter

Making egg hunts fun for adults too.


Tops At Spar Wine Show To Go On A 7-city Nationwide Tour

The Tops At Spar Wine Show will stop at seven cities when it embarks on a nationwide tour from 9 May to 30 November 2019...