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Zera Licenses Schweppes To Generate Own Electricity ? Pindula News

Schweppes Zimbabwe has been licensed to produce its own electricity by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority. The beverage company will generate electricity using solar. The license is for 25 years


Swanky Taste Event At Taste Of The Cape

Last week, the East London Golf Club hosted the incredibly swanky Taste of the Cape event. As I?ve mentioned plenty of times, I?m always game for food-related events, so I couldn?t miss this. The firs

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Nine Of The World’s Most Beautiful Wine And Spirits Bottles

While all that glitters certainly isn?t gold, there is something to be said for creative packaging. From all-American bourbon to historic Champagnes, check out nine of the world's most beautiful bottl


Electric Picnic: Casa Bacardi

This year's Casa Bacardi at Electric Picnic featured acts such as Detroit Swindle, Boots & Kats and JORDAN, as well as a few famous faces in the crowd.

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Best Non-alcoholic Beers That Taste Just As Good As The Real Thing

WHETHER you?re giving up booze or just cutting down, it?s hard to do it if you have a social life that includes a lot of alcohol. But that doesn?t mean you have to stop inviting y?


Vodka Market Emerging Growth Rate, Application, Market Share And Forecast To 2025 – Island Daily Tribune


Tourism Month: 4 Of The Best Picnic Spots In Cape Town

Cape Town has a variety of picnic spots that you can enjoy on a romantic day out with your partner, your family or just you and your dog.