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Known as switchel, switzel, swizzle, switchy, ginger water or haymaker’s punch, Switchel is essentially a health tonic and a great DIY alternative to energy drinks.


Most of us love to have a cup of green tea to freshen up from the exhaustion of our busy lives. Green tea, though a regular tincture of Japanese as an invention of Japan, now gaining much praise for its delicious, clayey zest with multitudinous health benefits. It is not that the Japanese are only renowned for the enriched flavorsome green tea; also this nation has an influential history related to astounding Japanese teapots. Alike green tea Japanese teapot is also a part of Japanese tradition, and choosing the right Japanese Teapot is an art as well. The Japanese consider green tea as an indispensable part of their life. The Japanese always consume green tea, as it has immense health benefits. Japan has a history related to green tea. Let’s go insight all about Japanese green tea, its history, types, and health benefits.

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Cocktails don’t need to taste like dessert, and there’s a whole world of complex drinks that skew spicy, herbal, and bitter.


Don’t call it a buzz kill.


Capetonians love pizza, and we mean looove pizza, and every local has his or favourite spot. We take a look at some of the best-loved pizza places in Cape Town.


A number of factors are causing volatility in dairy markets, ranging from weather to tariffs to a reduction in how much milk people drink.


Blasphemy in Ireland.


Picnics, live performances, guided tours, a walk through the treetops, and more ? there are so many reasons to visit Kirstenbosch Gardens.

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Under CBPE?s ownership since 2013, UK-based Allied Glass has delivered sales growth of 13% per year


The aim is to re-establish the Binns Clock as an iconic meeting place for the people of Edinburgh


A good form of natural mosquito control is to grow certain plants with strong natural fragrances.



American brewing company Anheuser-Busch is redesigning its packaging for Budweiser and Budweiser Select line of beers. Containing 4.3% alcohol by?Read More?