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Your kidneys are the body’s star toxin-filtering team and need your support to do their job well. Because detoxing is their prime directive, you don’t need to feed them any trendy detox aid or supplement. You just need to make sure you stay properly hydrated. However, keep in mind that not all drinks are created equal in terms of kidney health.


Fans are sending Kendall Jenner a strong message.


The majority of Brits are drinking pretty much the same, if not less, than they were before the UK went into lockdown, according to new research, but some people are going well over the recommended weekly limit.


During a recent spell of Covid-19, I was witness to the fact that the virus instantaneously paralyses one’s sense of taste and smell. For me, the temporary inability to detect an aroma of any sort was of more significant concern than the tightened vice-grip on the chest, the volcanic fever and the general feeling of lame lousiness. For trust me, without a sense of smell, the world is an empty, hollow and uninspiring place.


Entries for the ninth annual Cabernet Sauvignon Report sponsored by multinational financial services company Prescient are now open.


MONIKA Bacardi was married to billionaire Luis Adalberto Facundo Gomez del Campo Bacardi ? the great-grandson of the creator of Bacardi rum. Following her husband?s death in 2005, the 5?


Winter is that time of the year where our social lives go into unofficial hibernation and we tend to stay in, develop our home cooking skills and spend our evenings sipping delicious drinks in front of the fireplace, snuggled up under a blanket. During the past decade port-style wines have both managed to evolve in its versatility, such as the De Krans Cape Pink which is used as a cocktail mixer, and expanded on the traditional styles, for example tweaking a Cape Vintage to produce a lovely and unique dessert wine called Espresso.  It is also almost 10 years since the EU agreement that every port-style wine bottled outside of Portugal from January 2012 may no longer display the word ‘port’ on the label.  Taking into account that there are various styles of port, all ‘port-style’ wines originating from South Africa exhibit the word ‘Cape’ in front of the style, for example Cape Ruby, Cape Vintage.


The only thing I'm drinking this summer. ?


Because of the dollar crisis, Nestle increased its prices, making many Nescafe drinkers think twice about their morning cup of joe.


When Ken Gargett first heard mention of a gin called Monkey 47, he assumed it must fall very much in the novelty category. Then he tried it and it has been his favorite gin ever since. Here Ken shares


Illva Saronno has released the debut RTD variant from its Tia Maria coffee liqueur brand.


Pair with "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" for a great morning.


Is the rise in home bartending temporary or here to stay? And if the latter is true, how will this development impact the future of U.S. cocktail culture?


In just 90 minutes, Guinness fans will be able to experience everything there is to experience at this beer-haven.


Total Film ventures to the set of Artemis Fowl to find out about Disney's next big adaptation


If you thought the gin craze was only happening in the UK, you were wrong. We round up some of the best South African gin brands that have popped up.


Nando’s was at it once again, leaving South Africans in stitches with their comments concerning their Portuguese rolls.



Insight Survey's latest SA Juice Industry Landscape Report 2020 uncovers the global and local markets based on the latest information and research...



Premium drinks company, Truman & Orange, is supporting SA?s bars by donating R10 per post featuring a Negroni or gin-based cocktail.


Due to the massive influx of orders during lockdown, Get Wine decided to temporarily pause their website to allow themselves time to work through the order backlog.


President Cyril Ramaphosa also lamented that gross bodily violence statistics in South Africa had increased during lockdown.


Recipe: Linda Engelbrecht's carrot cake overnight oatmeal


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