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<< Saturday 27 June 2020 >

Starbucks Barista Gets $65,000 In Donations After Customer’s Mask Complaint

A woman who was not wearing a mask griped on Facebook about the barista, who had tried to explain company policy. Her post unexpectedly led to an outpouring of money for the worker.


Covid-19 Epidemic Impact On Tequila Market Industry Inflation During 2020-2026 – Owned


New Regulations: What To Expect When You Eat Out In Cape Town

Extra precautions and strict protocols will be in place to ensure the safety of the customer and the staff of these establishments.


Recipe: Ciroc Summer Tizer Cocktail

This is the perfect drink to enjoy after the cold snap.


Secret Diner: Father’s Day Treat Was No Hassle

The hamper was impressively presented, complete with a menu and clear instructions for cooking, and a note from chef wishing us a happy Father’s Day.