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An instant pot is one of the must-have kitchen appliances in most homes today. The idea of freeing up the stove, saving time and energy while cooking has made many people fall in love with pressure cookers. The global love for chicken is not something that we can ignore. There are hundreds of chicken recipes that you can prepare on an instant pot as Corrie Cooks highlights. Let us look at the different chicken recipes that you can prepare on an instant pot today


Drive-thru Starbucks in Chilliwack will be open for investors on August 11


A Cape Town restaurant staffer has told how she was smashed back into her coffee shop by a powerful jet of water fired from a water cannon during a protest by hospitality industry workers outside Parl


It?s the peak of second-quarter earnings season, with results pouring in from key companies.


A former royal chef has shared Queen Elizabeth’s approved recipe for fish and chips.


Top-selling Scotch whisky brand, Johnnie Walker, has announced that early in 2021 it intends to debut the first-ever 100% plastic-free paper-based spirits bottle.


Christo Wiese, who was once South Africa?s richest man, has swapped his office in an industrial area of Cape Town for a view of the Atlantic Ocean.


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'ANC are bereft of imagination and are still as corrupt as ever.'


They were 'overwhelmingly focused' on the fear that formal jobs in 'legal, tax-paying businesses may be lost while the black market thrives'.


They?re tasty and represent great value?if you can get your hands on a bottle.