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Fans of the Friends TV series can tuck into a sandwich inspired by the ninth episode of the fifth season, called The One with Ross’s Sandwich. During the episode, Ross accuses his co-workers of eating his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, calling it the only good thing going on in his life.


If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), perhaps it’s time to turn your attention to your diet. No, don’t panic, we don’t mean it’s time to go on a diet. We’re talking about adding certain foods to your diet that will help to give you an energy boost, and hopefully improve your mood. Comfort food is a real thing, but most of the time, the foods that we turn to for comfort only offer a short-lived high. Macaroni and cheese, for example, or a meat-feast pizza, or cup cakes with buttercream icing, are all dishes we tend to crave, especially in winter. But if you want to feel good for longer than five minutes, it’s time to raise your food game. 


Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen in Cape Town has been named among the 100 most outstanding bars on the planet in the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Bars list, placing at number 75.


Happy November!!!


Campaign features grime artists Kamakaze and TrueMendous.


Coega Dairy

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Rise and shine Mzansi, another busy day unfolds in the agricultural sector. On our radar today, working professionals with passion for policy making have until 30 November to submit their applications



Starbucks Corp's green-siren logo, lattes and Frappuccinos will soon be making their debut in Laos, as the world?s largest coffee chain seeks to expand in Asia.


The Scottish Gin Awards 2020 finalists have been announced, with 65 companies and 154 gins progressing to the final stage of the awards night.


Although lockdown has had a serious impact on the wine industry, there are still so many gems to enjoy. Besides the regular pleas to government to unlock our industry, the South African wine space was


Food visionary Luke Dale Roberts ? one of South Africa's most revered and awarded chefs ? is just one of the star attractions at The Festive Vegan & Plant Powered Show (FVPPS) which takes place on


It’s the food that we are best known for.


Coega Dairy


Please note: The information about these Christmas lunch specials was correct at the time of writing (November 2020). Bookings are... Read More



The strike at the dairy company continues, with exhausted workers demanding an end to compulsory weekend and public holiday work as well as overtime being forced on them.




The new eatery and venue is about the international DJs stepping our of their comfort zones.


It’s cherry season! Cherries are delicious, easy to eat, versatile, and packed with a multitude of nutrients and health benefits.


Large, ambitious wineries that operate at both the ultra-premium and more ordinary levels have something of a problem when it comes to image (certainly in


Dining at this unique oceanside location on Chapman?s Peak Drive is unlike any other in the city.


There are some compelling examples of Chenin Blanc among the new releases from Radford Dale, tasting notes and ratings as follows: Radford Dale Vinum