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Very few cocktails have the ability to elicit more scorn in a modern bar than the Cosmopolitan. We take a look at this overly-maligned cocktail and why you should try giving the cranberry concoction another chance.


Michael Jordan not only revolutionised basketball, he is also an avid golfer who owns his very own golf club in Florida. The Grove XXIII isn’t the typical private golf club. His Airness has brought some unique amenities and technology to his club, including replacing the traditional beverage cart with drone delivery service.

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If you are unfamiliar with a Don Pedro, chances are good that you are not from South Africa. The retro classic and adults-only beverage has been an after-dinner favourite at eateries across the country since the 70s.


The latest release of the Chamonix Estate White Wine, made from Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon growing on this Franschhoek estate’s mountain vineyards represents an outstanding Cape white wine vintage, namely 2018 when the region was at the end of its crippling four-year drought. According to Niel Bruwer, Chamonix’s winemaker, the quality of the wines emerging from the 2018 vintage is testimony to the resilience of the vine as well its ability to produce extraordinary quality fruit under trying natural conditions.

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BOSCHENDAL’S annual Night Markets are in full swing, making for a beautiful and safe night out with family and friends this summer.


Local brewers and mixologists are capitalising on the opportunity which South Africa’s rich plant life presents by developing unique beverages for local and international markets, enhancing sensory experiences for tourists and locals alike.

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One lucky party-giver will win the experience, complete with a Jim Beam-supplied, "licensed" bartender to serve bourbon cocktails.


Indian Tonic: Did you know that tonics are actually an Indian invention? Find out about some of the best homegrown labels, their cost and ideal pairings


As we head into the festive season and the long-awaited summer, some routines formed during lockdown are likely to continue. One such pastime is the enjoyment of what has been coined the ?Home Happy H


Did you know that the man responsible for some of the funniest moments in film and TV is also responsible for the prize-winning Crystal Head Vodka? Well, now you do!


Appleton Estate celebrates pot still rum with the Hearts Collection, comprising three vintage rums


Nick Lane, who was part of the winemaking team at Dom Perignon, has moved to the UK to join contract-only winery, Defined Wine. Before spending five...


Various types of plastic react differently during the recycling process. If two different types are mixed together, the output will be a mishmash of limited economic value.


From sauces to slides, all the local food merch we?re hoping to get this year


With lockdown restrictions now eased, Starbucks South Africa faces much more competition for customers still working from home


Tshepo Yvonne Mosadi, human resources director at Heineken South Africa, provides some HR trends to help managers build a foundation for success in 2021 and beyond...


When a major partnership ended abruptly, Hint Water founder and CEO Kara Goldin turned a 'disaster' into a new business opportunity.


Diageo-owned Johnnie Walker has pledged to plant one million trees across Scotland by 2025 as part of its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint


And so ends one of the biggest food mysteries of 2020.


This year has taught us to put our health first and foremost. More and more, people are turning to natural ingredients to add an extra layer of goodness to their food and drinks.


/PRNewswire/ -- The makers of the world's No. 1 Scotch whisky* today announced their vision to plant one million trees across the four corners of Scotland...


In 1998, renowned cognac producer Jas Hennessy & Co became the first spirits company to be ISO 14001 certified and continues to work towards reducing


Lift Airline, founded by Kululua.com founder Gidon Novick and ex-Uber executive Jonathan Ayache, will fly for the first time on Thursday 10 December 2020.



Introducing Leopard?s Leap Family Collection Heritage Blend, an accessible red that's easy to enjoy at extended family meals.


Easy ways to cook with cherries.


The Mezcal Market will grow by USD 979.02 mn during 2020-2024


Facebook has launched its JoziPlug Community City Guide in Johannesburg - the first city on the African continent where the global initiative has been introduced...