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Holiday-inspired cocktails to try while watching the last UFC cards of 2020 It's the last two UFC cards of 2020 and it's time to celebrate, not just some g...


Your reward for making it to the end of 2020 is this decadent doughnut. The premium vodka-drenched delight will be here for a limited time at The Doughnut Project shop in the West Village.


The Doggfather has made a pretty penny becoming the new face of Corona beer. The alcohol brand saw huge losses this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Siting outlets inside Checkers stores will build brand, says CEO


'The world is not as it was, and neither is retail. A new approach was needed that challenged the status quo and offered a way for local brands to be seen and bring excitement back to shopping malls..



Twitter users were left shocked after discovering that the much-loved cider is actually beer and not an ’alcoholic fruit blend’.


Christmas pie filling that will please many vegetarians and the traditional pie crust is a winner too.