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Energy drinks are simply soft drinks that are marketed as drinks that increase energy compared to other common beverages. The usual calorie count or quantitative energy is estimated to be much lower than those found in regular soft drinks. The main ingredients present in these energy drinks are a mixture of the vitamin B complex, herbal components, and methylxanthines, including caffeine. Some other elements are maltodextrin, guarana, carnitine, ginkgo Biloba, inositol, ginseng, glucuronolactone, taurine, and creatine. Like coffee and tea, the main stimulant included in the energy drink is none other than caffeine.


Gordon’s has launched a juniper-led, alcohol-free product made with the same botanicals as its London Dry Gin using a recipe that’s a closely guarded secret.


You don’t say to the bartender: “Hey fella, pour me another 40 grams,” do you? However, that’s exactly the way hard spirits are most often ordered in the Russian language. Read on to get savvy with Russian slang terms for different volumes of spirits.


Researchers led by the University of Tsukuba found that drinking two cups of oolong tea a day can stimulate fat breakdown while you sleep


I am not a morning person, and I’ve come to terms with that. Everyone has different circadian rhythms that influence the time of day they are their most alert, in tune, and productive—and my personal take on the matter is that as long as you feel confident and comfortable with what you tackled in the day, then when it gets done is less important. So while I am content in the fact that I am not a natural early riser, there is one aspect I do want to work on: I want to have a better attitude—yes, a more joyful one—in the mornings. 


The AB InBev brand's first zero-alcohol beer seeks to motivate consumers who are abstaining from alcohol to start the year.

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Everyone needs a change from time to time.


IF you?re looking to take part in Dry January, or just want to be more mindful about your booze intake, then Gordon?s has it covered. Gordon?s have launched Gordon?s 0.0%, a?

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From Covid-19 to an economic downturn, so much of our energy was spent just getting through each day. For many of us in the wine industry, this became a lot harder when a ban on alcohol sales was impl


The first lockdown led to a surge in sales of triple sec, and for civilised cocktails this winter there are more treats in store


SodaStream is looking to partner with retailers in a newly-launched convenience store gas purchase-and-exchange scheme.


Dockside is also welcoming reservations for nearly a dozen outdoor igloos that seat four.



You may not realize how much water is involved in making your whiskey before it even gets bottled.



Summer is eeking its way in and what better way to celebrate than with 5 tasty new salads to add to your repertoire.


The Dry January movement makes a plea to South Africans to quit drinking for a month as part of adopting healthy habits for the year or in an attempt to detox.