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Isn’t this the day we all waited forever since our mum allowed us to try that first sip of the wine? Of course, back then you gagged and promised yourself you’ll never take a sip of alcohol ever again in your life. Now, that you graduate from college or high school, you are ready to get into the self-sipping mode and you are welcomed to the other side. So, here are 21 drinks that you must try when you turn 21.  


It’s official: The biggest trend in South Africa is non-alcoholic drinks. This after the extension of current Covid-19 restrictions in the country, including the ban on alcohol sales.


Eighty percent of Americans get a daily jolt from caffeine, and now, as marijuana legalization has spread across the nation, some users and businesses have begun touting a combination of the two drugs.


Want to beat the heat this summer? Pour yourself a refreshing Thyme Fizz. It’s easy to make and goes down a real treat.


Casa Labia now has it all: Seaside views, sumptuous fare and luxury accommodation. The two beautifully appointed suites, with en-suite bathrooms, are decorated with bold colour and plush details.


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Firefighting teams battling a wildfire on the historic Neethlingshof Estate near Stellenbosch in the Western Cape seem to have the blaze under control, although strong winds are fanning the flames. Th


NEW YORK (PRWEB) January 12, 2021 A fascinating intersection of traditional hand-crafted American Whiskey and world-renowned French wines is on the horizon with the release of Coalition Whiskey ?


The local food and beverages sector has taken an interesting twist in the past few years with new innovative brands -often capitalising on consumer?s increased fixation with health and customised qual


Starbucks will invest $100 million over the next four years in community development projects and small businesses in areas populated by people of color.


TikTok has once again come to our rescue with a warp-eating solution that ensures every bite is perfect and none of the fillings fall out.


The event will now take place in March due to the pandemic and concerns about costs



Try any one of these healthy smoothie recipes to start your day. They're fun to make and are a huge time saver in the morning.


Coca-Cola cake: I believe most of us with a few birthdays behind us have enjoyed this cake at least once. The same goes for dropping a tube of Mentos or


PURA Soda and IOL are giving away a summer hamper worth R1, 500



/PRNewswire/ -- Calling all bartenders! Tequila Cazadores is expanding National Margarita Day throughout the entire month of February and declaring it...


The pandemic has uncovered gaps in distribution, packaging and sales, which have led to an increase in product shortages and stressed consumers.