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Female Gin Master Distiller Goes Down in Gin History

Gin Magazine has inducted Ms. Lesley Gracie, master distiller of Hendrick’s Gin into the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame in recognition for her 22 years of service to the world of gin in a virtual ceremony held on February 25, 2021.


Who Is Lesley Gracie?

Ms Lesley Gracie is the Master Distiller at Hendrick’s Gin. With a background in chemistry, Lesley’s genius lies in her fascination with flavours and how they work together, she visualises flavours as shapes and strikes to create a round, balanced flavour in all of her elixirs.


Three Of The Best Local Box Wines, According To A ‘platter’s Guide’ Taster

Fiona McDonald predicts more wine producers are going to go the bag-in-box route and tells us why that's a good thing.


Reggie Knight Will Be Missed

A gentleman from a bygone era, the former Cape Trainer and Noreen Stud Manager passed away at the age of 90

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